Target audience: residents of Yachiyo city, workers and students.

A stamp rally kick-off ceremony was held!
Venue: Agricultural Exchange Center (2076, Shimada)


Mayor Hattori & “Yachi"


Stamp ceremony

Crushed ice service



The stamp rally process

50 different types


Integrated lifelong learning plaza pool / gym
Periodic ticket for personal use (valid for 1 month)

50 different types!


It'll be only an open day
and the open hour to be able
to push Stamp.

A period

July 21st, 2017(Friday) October 31st, 2017 (Tuesday)
Application deadline: November 2nd, 2017 (Thu) until arrival

○ Prize
  Premium pin batch gift for all finishers!
  • Finishing award stamp 9 stamps, 5 pcs lot drawing for 5 people
  • A-course 6 stamps and 15 types of drawing 15 pcs
  • B-course 3 stamps types 30 times awarded 30 people by lottery

○ Application method
  • Please go around your place of participation and push the stamp like in bingo.
   Depending on the number of pushed stamps, prizes that can be applied to may vary.
  • After you put the stamp, please cut out the postcard, and paste 62 yen stamps then apply.
  • Residents in Yachiyo City • Workers• Students enrolled in local schools are eligible.
 • Residents in Yachiyo City • Workers • Students enrolled in local schools are eligible.

○ Lottery • announcement of winners
  • After running a rigorous lottery, we decide the winners and will make announcements while shipping prizes (around the end of November, 2017).
  • The winning rights can not be transferred. Also, cash on delivery or exchange of goods are not accepted.
  • The content of this gift and the specification of the prize are subject to change without notice.

○ Handling personal information 
  • Yachiyo City will only use any personal information within the range necessary for the lottery, shipment of prizes, etc.

○ Application / inquiries
  2-1-1 Minatocho, Funabashi 273-0011 Nissei Funabashi Building 4F 
  JTB sales corporation within Funabashi branch
  Yachiyo City Enforcement 50th Anniversary Project 
  Yachiyo stroll stamp rally office
  Phone: 047-495-8181

Regarding accidents during stamp rally (traffic accident • sickness • injury • theft • losses etc.)
Since we can not assume any responsibility, please handle matters at your own risk.